[PATCH 3/8] net: dwc_eth_qos: Add option "snps, reset-gpio" phy-rst gpio for stm32

David Wu david.wu at rock-chips.com
Sat May 9 04:41:46 CEST 2020

Hi Stephen,

在 2020/5/1 上午6:36, Stephen Warren 写道:
> The kernel's bindings/net/snps,dwmac.yaml does not mention any
> reset-gpios property (which is what the existing code parses just above
> the portion that is quoted by this patch as context). I suspect that
> this patch should simply change the name of the property that this
> function parses to align with the binding, and fix any DTs in U-Boot
> that also don't match the binding?

The kernel's ./Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/stmmac.txt mentions
that Required properties:

- phy-mode: See ethernet.txt file in the same directory.
- snps,reset-gpio       gpio number for phy reset.
- snps,reset-active-low boolean flag to indicate if phy reset is active low.
- snps,reset-delays-us  is triplet of delays
         The 1st cell is reset pre-delay in micro seconds.
         The 2nd cell is reset pulse in micro seconds.
         The 3rd cell is reset post-delay in micro seconds.

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