[PATCH 8/8] net: gmac_rockchip: Add dwc_eth_qos support

David Wu david.wu at rock-chips.com
Sat May 9 08:56:37 CEST 2020

Hi Stephen,

在 2020/5/1 上午6:52, Stephen Warren 写道:
> I'm really confused; with a filename like gmac_rockchip.c that sounds
> like it's driver for a MAC device. DWC EQoS is also a MAC device. The
> two shouldn't be related or coupled in any way.
> I think what you need is to completely drop this patch (and the patch
> which creates dwc_eth_qos.h), and instead make the DWC EQoS driver
> itself directly support the Rockchip SoC by adding RK's compatible value
> to the list of compatible values that the EQoS driver supports, along
> with new probe functions etc.
> Maybe this requires splitting some PHY code out of gmac_rockchip into a
> common/separate PHY driver? I haven't looked at the code to know if
> that's required.

I think this relationship is like the current designware.c and 
gmac_rockchip.c, except that the designware driver becomes DWC EQoS. In 
fact, most of the code is the same, because it is the same controller, 
and there are a few differences related to Soc implemented in 
gmac_rockchip.c, this is the purpose of my series of patches, and the 
code must be compatible with the previous Rockchip Socs.

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