[PATCH 6/8] net: dwc_eth_qos: Split eqos_start() to get link speed

Patrice CHOTARD patrice.chotard at st.com
Mon May 11 14:48:42 CEST 2020

Hi David

On 5/9/20 8:42 AM, David Wu wrote:
> Hi Patrice,
> 在 2020/4/30 下午11:33, Patrice CHOTARD 写道:
>> Can you explain why you are splitting this function in 2 parts and calling these parts sequentially ?
> For rockchip, need to obtain the current link speed to configure the tx clocks, (for example, in rgmii mode, 1000M link: 125M, 100M link: 25M, 10M link is 2.5M rate) and then enable gmac. So after the adjust_link(), before the start gamc, this intermediate stage needs to configure the clock according to the current link speed.
Please, add these informations in the commit message



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