[PATCH] configs: ls1046a: Define ENV_ADDR value

Kuldeep Singh kuldeep.singh at nxp.com
Tue May 12 08:29:42 CEST 2020

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> >Subject: [PATCH] configs: ls1046a: Define ENV_ADDR value
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> >CONFIG_ENV_ADDR helps in picking environment from flash before DDR
> init.
> >Define value 0x40300000 in QSPI defconfig for LS1046ARDB as value is
> >already defined in TFA.
> Do you mean the value same as already defined?

The macro is already defined in TFA defconfig, also define in qspi defconfig.

> If yes, can you please reword the description

In case of TFA boot(*_tfa_defconfig), ENV_ADDR is 0x40500000 i.e 0x40000000 + 0x500000
And in qspi (*qspi_defconfig), ENV_ADDR is 0x40300000 i.e 0x40000000 + 0x300000.
This helps in picking env from flash before DDR.

> Also why we need to defined in both TFA and u-boot ? Are both trying to
> read env?

Please see above for more clarification.

> >
> >Correct ENV_ADDR and ENV_SECT_SIZE value for LS1046AQDS as per
> >defconfig.
> Do you mean in defconfigs? If yes, please reword?

I have already mentioned that changes are done in defconfigs. Could you please mention what more info needs to be added/changed?


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