[PPC] Internet connection on qemu-ppce500

kosai1111 kosai1111 at bk.ru
Tue May 12 21:08:57 CEST 2020

It goes without saying, that the satellite broadband often costs more than
fixed line broadband deals and set up costs are between £100 to £400. Prices
for satellite broadband tend to vary between £20 per month to £100 per
month. Satellite broadband deals also often have restrictive download limits
and those seeking a more generous allowance will have to pay extra. These
aren't the all cons, which it has, more can be written on 
https://usave.co.uk/ <https://usave.co.uk/broadband/satellite-broadband/>  .
If the Wachusett Brewing don't solve these problems, his project is doomed
to failure.

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