[PATCH 0/2] mtd: spi-nand: Update Toshiba support

Jagan Teki jagan at amarulasolutions.com
Wed May 13 21:48:39 CEST 2020

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 1:36 AM Robert Marko <robert.marko at sartura.hr> wrote:
> This patch series updates the Toshiba SPI-NAND driver support to match
> the Linux tree.
> This imports 2 patches that add support for the new J series, as well
> as adding x4 and QE enable to previously added TC58CVG2S0HRAIJ.
> Yoshio Furuyama (2):
>   mtd: spinand: toshiba: Rename function name to change suffix and
>     prefix (8Gbit)
>   mtd: spinand: toshiba: Support for new Kioxia Serial NAND

Applied, thanks!

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