[GIT PULL] rpi: updates for v2020.07

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Thu May 14 19:15:39 CEST 2020

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 10:51:35AM +0200, Matthias Brugger wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Please have a look at the updates for RPi below.
> I know I'm a bit late in the cycle. I'll try to send my pull requests earlier
> next time, sorry for that.
> I just pushed the tag, so the CI is not green yet:
> https://travis-ci.org/github/mbgg/u-boot/builds/686914330
> https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot-raspberrypi/pipelines/3241
> But the tag actually refers to the same commit as my rpi-next branch, which is
> all green here:
> https://travis-ci.org/github/mbgg/u-boot/builds/686541087
> https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot-raspberrypi/pipelines/3227
> Regards and stay safe and healthy,
> Matthias

Applied to u-boot/master, thanks!

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