[PATCH 2/2] thermal: imx_scu_thermal: fix getting DT alert property value

Anatolij Gustschin agust at denx.de
Wed May 20 00:05:01 CEST 2020

On Tue, 19 May 2020 11:45:55 +0000
Peng Fan peng.fan at nxp.com wrote:
> Do you have more insights about uclass_get_device and uclass_get_device_byname?
> uclass_get_device not work, but uclass_get_device_byname work.

well, we have three thermal uclass devices on i.MX8QXP:
 thermal       0  [   ]   imx_sc_thermal        |-- thermal-sensor
 thermal       1  [   ]   imx_sc_thermal        |   |-- cpu-thermal0
 thermal       2  [   ]   imx_sc_thermal        |   `-- drc-thermal0

when using uclass_get_device(UCLASS_THERMAL, 0, &thermal_dev), the
first device ("thermal-sensor") is matching and for this device
imx_sc_thermal_ofdata_to_platdata() will be called, it then tries to
get the "thermal-sensors" list in the node of "thermal-sensor" device
(dev_of_offset(dev)), but this is wrong, since this list is a property
of the "cpu-thermal0" node according to bindings.

Therefore ofdata_to_platdata() can't find the "thermal-sensors" list
and does not initialize alert/critical pdata values.

When uclass_get_device_by_name() is used, then imx_sc_thermal_ofdata_to_platdata()
is called for "cpu-thermal0" device, here getting the list works
and alert/critical pdata values are initialized properly.


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