[PATCH v5 00/16] Add Rockchip RK3399 USB3.0 Host support

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl
Mon May 25 11:27:41 CEST 2020

W dniu 25.05.2020 o 11:24, Jagan Teki pisze:
> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 2:36 PM Marcin Juszkiewicz
> <marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl> wrote:
>> W dniu 13.05.2020 o 09:13, frank.wang at rock-chips.com (Frank Wang) pisze:
>>> This series add quirks for DWC3 and add Rockchip RK3399 USB3.0 host support.
>>> The function has been tested pass on rk3399-evb and roc-rk3399-pc board.
>>> For V5 update:
>>>  - Fix dwc3-generic driver followed Marek's comments for [PATCH v4 12/16].
>>>  - Add 'Reviewed-by' and 'Tested-by' tag for [PATCH v4 07/16] and [PATCH v4 08/16].
>> I imported patchset and started it on RockPro64. Enabled same config
>> options as on evb-rk3399. DeviceTree entries were already setup.
>> Pendrive in USB3 (type A) port gets recognized as SuperSpeed one (was
>> HighSpeed before). Type C port is not working - nevermind is it empty,
>> with usb-c pendrive plugged or with usb-c to usb-a/c/hdmi dongle with
>> usb-a pendrive.
> Does that mean usb-c pendrive is also detected?

No - "scanning bus dwc3 for devices... cannot reset port 1!?" every time
and devices plugged into usb-c are ignored.

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