[RFC PATCH] imx: skip unused compatible strings in drivers

Anatolij Gustschin agust at denx.de
Tue May 26 13:43:32 CEST 2020

On Tue, 26 May 2020 13:12:46 +0200
Soeren Moch smoch at web.de wrote:

> On 25.05.20 22:24, Anatolij Gustschin wrote:
> > Converting to DM increases binary size and breaks building some
> > boards (i.e. tbs2910, gcc 9.2). The approach to address this issue
> > via cutting off unused properties/nodes in device tree via custom
> > u-boot.dtsi was not welcome, even if the affected boards do not
> > pass the built-in device tree to the kernel.  
> But there is CONFIG_OF_REMOVE_PROPS="dmas dma-names interrupt-parent
> interrupts interrupts-extended interrupt-names interrupt-map
> interrupt-map-mask" in tbs2910_defconfig. So removing properties is
> already done via this config option. Removing nodes is not implemented
> (yet? AFAIK). But would be welcome if someone implements this in a
> similar way, I think.

Yes, I've added this CONFIG_OF_REMOVE_PROPS list on request because an
earlier patch [1] was not very welcome. But this older patch already did
deleting unused nodes, in a different way.

[1] http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/patch/20191206183047.1313-1-agust@denx.de


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