[PATCH 00/24] spi: dm-conversion (part2)

Priyanka Jain priyanka.jain at nxp.com
Thu May 28 11:44:55 CEST 2020

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>Subject: [PATCH 00/24] spi: dm-conversion (part2)
>I believe some boards can directly enable DM_SPI if it has
>OF_CONTROL enabled already, so now it's the last call for
>board maintainers to take care of this.
>Now all boards which are using fsl_espi are removed due to
>no action on dm conversion from years.
>These will merge as soon as possible, based on the response.
>Any inputs?
>Jagan Teki (24):
>  arm: Remove configs/B4420QDS_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/BSC9131RDB_NAND_SYSCLK100_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/BSC9132QDS_NAND_DDRCLK100_SECURE_defconfig
>  arm: Remove configs/C29XPCIE_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/Cyrus_P5020_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/MPC8536DS_36BIT_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/P1010RDB-PA_36BIT_NAND_SECBOOT_defconfig
>  arm: Remove configs/P1020MBG-PC_36BIT_SDCARD_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/P1022DS_36BIT_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/P2041RDB_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/P3041DS_NAND_SECURE_BOOT_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T1023RDB_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T1024QDS_DDR4_SECURE_BOOT_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T1040D4RDB_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T1040QDS_DDR4_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T2080QDS_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T2080RDB_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T4160QDS_NAND_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/T4160RDB_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/TWR-P1025_defconfig board
>  arm: Remove configs/controlcenterd_36BIT_SDCARD_DEVELOP_defconfig
>    board
>  arm: Remove configs/kmcoge4_defconfig board
>  spi: Zap fsl_espi
>  mtd: spi: Drop fsl_espi_spl
Dear Jagan,

NXP do plan to keep maintaining some of the powerpc boards.
We had send espi series of patches for DM migration last year

But they could not be merged due to dependency on other patches 

Now we have taken agreement from original author of dependent patches (Lukasz Majewski) and will be sending the combined series of espi DM migration next week.

So, please don't remove these boards


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