[2021.04 URGENT PATCH] Makefile: Remove idiotic ominous messages

Alexandru Gagniuc mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 16:08:56 CEST 2021

Right before v2021.04-rc5 was dropped, several patches landed that
updated the way DM warnings are printed. A side-effect of those
changes is that, instead of printing warnings where appropriate, the
Makefile prints the script that checks for the conditions:

    if [ -n "y" ]; then if [ "y y" != "y y" ]; then echo >&2
    "===================== WARNING ======================"; echo >&2
    et cetera

Remedy this by appending "@" to the commands.

Fixes: 8cd1874f4c ("Makefile: Use common code for DM_ETH deprecation warning")
Fixes: 78b4a564cb ("Makefile: Use common code for WDT deprecation warning")
Fixes: ec384f9f12 ("Makefile: Use common code for SPI_FLASH deprecation warning")
Fixes: d13aee07fd ("Makefile: Use common code for DM_VIDEO deprecation warning")
Fixes: 39e526a8ec ("Makefile: Use common code for PCI deprecation warning")
Fixes: 099288bf78 ("Makefile: Use common code for LIBATA deprecation warning")
Fixes: a883435298 ("Makefile: Use common code for MVSATA_IDE deprecation warning")
Fixes: 9e035b8ee1 ("Makefile: Use common code for USB deprecation warning")
Fixes: 77dc55ea39 ("Makefile: Use common code for MMC deprecation warning")
Fixes: 06467e4652 ("Makefile: Move non-DM migration messages to the top")
Signed-off-by: Alexandru Gagniuc <mr.nuke.me at gmail.com>
 Makefile | 22 +++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index e60717f7a2..ad48cd116e 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -1077,25 +1077,25 @@ ifneq ($(CONFIG_DM),y)
 	@echo >&2 "See doc/driver-model/migration.rst for more info."
 	@echo >&2 "===================================================="
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_MMC CONFIG_BLK,MMC,v2019.04,$(CONFIG_MMC))
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_MMC CONFIG_BLK,MMC,v2019.04,$(CONFIG_MMC))
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_AHCI,AHCI instead of CONFIG_MVSATA_IDE,v2019.07, \
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_AHCI,AHCI instead of CONFIG_MVSATA_IDE,v2019.07, \
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_AHCI,AHCI,v2019.07, $(CONFIG_LIBATA))
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_PCI,PCI,v2019.07,$(CONFIG_PCI))
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_VIDEO,video,v2019.07,\
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_AHCI,AHCI,v2019.07, $(CONFIG_LIBATA))
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_PCI,PCI,v2019.07,$(CONFIG_PCI))
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_VIDEO,video,v2019.07,\
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_SPI_FLASH,SPI flash,v2019.07,\
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_SPI_FLASH,SPI flash,v2019.07,\
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_WDT,DM watchdog,v2019.10,\
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_WDT,DM watchdog,v2019.10,\
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_ETH,Ethernet drivers,v2020.07,$(CONFIG_NET))
-	$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_I2C,I2C drivers,v2022.04,$(CONFIG_I2C))
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_ETH,Ethernet drivers,v2020.07,$(CONFIG_NET))
+	@$(call deprecated,CONFIG_DM_I2C,I2C drivers,v2022.04,$(CONFIG_I2C))
 	@# Check that this build does not use CONFIG options that we do not
 	@# know about unless they are in Kconfig. All the existing CONFIG
 	@# options are whitelisted, so new ones should not be added.
-	$(call cmd,cfgcheck,u-boot.cfg)
+	@$(call cmd,cfgcheck,u-boot.cfg)
 PHONY += dtbs
 dtbs: dts/dt.dtb

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