RK1808 DDR3 test uboot

Camilo S. cmsvalenzuela at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 18:44:53 CEST 2021

Hi everyone, hope is the right place to ask but we are running out of ideas
hehe, we need some help with a problem we have for a rockchip rk1808 based
pcb we designed related with our DDR memory:

So the problem is that we are not able to go further from the execution of
the ddr init code from psram, and we need to figure out a way to see if
there is a problem with the ddr (we are using LPDDR3 2G).
There seems to be possible to run some tests, from firefly chinese forum we
found `Rockchip Platform DDR Test Tool`
https://dev.t-firefly.com/thread-13005-1-1.html  the tool provides cfg
files to run a solder test ie: 1GB LPDDR3(128Mbx32bit x 2CS)soldering
Test.cfg they published the tool recently for rk3399 too, but it doesn't
work for rk1808, do you know of any way to run this kind of test from
u-boot? or by chance do you know how to modify or generate a DDR init
binary to run a DDR memory test too?

So far we have been able to change the frequencies and test all of them for
our DDR with ` ddrbin_tool` from rockchip rkbin repository, but we always
get only this output on UART,

DDR Version V1.04 20191121
BW=32 Col=10 Bk=8 CS0 Row=15 CS=1 Die BW=32 Size=1024MB

Any help deeply appreciated, also if there is another place i should ask,
please let me know, we also tried to reach out rockchip team without luck.
I also send the question to linux-rockchip mail list.

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