imxrt1020 EVK u-boot doesn't run.

Nicolás Muratore nico.m.muratore at
Sun Apr 4 00:51:27 CEST 2021

Hi everybody, hope you are doing well, my name is Nicolás Muratore from
Argentina, I'm doing I development under imxrt1020 EVK, I did test many
"bare metal" programs to run from SD and those work ok on this EVK, right
now I'm thinking to work with u-boot over imxrt1020 EVK, but I have
problems to boot the u-boot from SD, I've followed the entire procedure
from web page

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and gnu-arm-linux-gnueabi cross compiler.

1) I have installed the u-boot package with all dependencies and
gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi compiler.
2) #sudo make mr proper
3) #sudo make imxrt1020-evk_defconfig
4) #sudo CROSS-COMPILE=arm-linu-gnueabi- make
5) it compiles without errors, I can see the SPL file and u-boot.img, and
other related files, (I attached all output files to this email)..
6) Copy files to SD: #sudo dd if=SPL of= /dev/sdb bs=1k seek=1 conv=notrunc
; sync   // This process copy "SPL" file on SD card with no errors.
7) Copy files to SD: #sudo dd if=u-boot.img of= /dev/sdb bs=1k seek=128
conv=notrunc ; sync   // This process copy "u-boot.img" file on SD card
with no errors.

After the copy process I put the SD on the imxrt1020 EVK, the SW7 in 0110
(I have tested the EVK many times using "bare metal" and it is ok).

I connect the USB console cable to the PC like I always do, but I can't see
anything, it seems to be that the u-boot doesn't run.

Would you have any idea what is going on?

I really appreciate your help, sorry to bother you, but I'm breaking my
mind thinking why this doesn't run on my EVK.

Many thanks.
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