[PATCH] fs: ext4: Add metadata checksums support

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Wed Apr 7 16:20:16 CEST 2021

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 05:57:47PM +0100, Fredrik Hallenberg wrote:

> Support crc32c checksums in ext4 filesystems with metadata_csum flag
> active. This includes superblock, inodes, inode and block group tables,
> directory blocks and journal.
> Signed-off-by: Fredrik Hallenberg <megahallon at gmail.com>

This fails broadly with an error like:
   aarch64:  +   ls1046ardb_qspi
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) In file included from ../include/linux/bitops.h:22,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from include/asm/arch/config.h:14,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from ../include/configs/ls1046a_common.h:32,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from ../include/configs/ls1046ardb.h:10,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from include/config.h:4,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from ../include/common.h:16,
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)                  from ../fs/ext4/ext4_common.c:21:
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) ../fs/ext4/ext4_common.c: In function 'ext4fs_read_inode':
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) ../include/linux/kernel.h:184:17: error: comparison of distinct pointer types lacks a cast [-Werror]
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)   184 |  (void) (&_min1 == &_min2);  \
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)       |                 ^~
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) ../fs/ext4/ext4_common.c:1655:9: note: in expansion of macro 'min'
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)  1655 |  size = min(sizeof(struct ext2_inode), fs->inodesz);
+(ls1046ardb_qspi)       |         ^~~
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) make[3]: *** [fs/ext4/ext4_common.o] Error 1
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) make[2]: *** [fs/ext4] Error 2
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) make[1]: *** [fs] Error 2
+(ls1046ardb_qspi) make: *** [sub-make] Error 2

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