[EXT] Re: [PATCH v1 2/5] net: phy: marvell: extend 88E2110 to use both 2.5GHz modes

Stefan Chulski stefanc at marvell.com
Thu Apr 8 21:18:09 CEST 2021

> Stefan, you suggest to drop this define from PHY_INTERFACE enum which we
> can't easily do with other drivers (like NXP) also referencing this macro.
> How to continue then?
> Thanks,
> Stefan

Probably we should drop SGMII_2500 from this series, introduce "manage" devicetree property(that would indicate if inband supported or not).
For example this is armada-8040-mcbin.dtsi In kernel, when in-band supported:
&cp1_eth2 {
	/* CPS Lane 5 */
	status = "okay";
	/* Network PHY */
	phy-mode = "2500base-x";
	managed = "in-band-status";
	/* Generic PHY, providing serdes lanes */
	phys = <&cp1_comphy5 2>;
	sfp = <&sfp_eth3>;

If in-band not supported(for example PPv2 MAC connected to 88E2110 in 2.5G speed) we would use default managed = "auto" and fixed link property.


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