Running u-boot 2021.04 on Raspberry Pi 4

Roman Shaposhnik rvs at
Fri Apr 9 02:18:37 CEST 2021


first time poster, long time lurker here. Over at Project EVE I've been trying to migrate
from our current u-boot v2020.07 + patches:
to the latest u-boot 2021.04.

Great news is that most of the patches we dependent
on seem to have been pulled upstream. However, this
single *chunk* of one patchset wasn't:

I'm wondering what was the reason for leaving it behind,
since without it I don't seem to have functioning USB
devices on my  Raspberry Pi 4. In fact, adding it back:
(just that one chunk -- 'cuz the reset got upstreamed)
seems to solve the issue for me.

Another question I have is that the new u-boot seems to have
some kind of a regression that I can't quite debug. The SMBIOS
tables that it constructs during EFI boot sequence seem to be
broken (see the dmidecode output below). Again, this seems
to be a regression compared to  v2020.07. Any ideas on what
could be wrong or how can I start debugging it would be
greatly appreciated (in fact I actually added printf's to
write_smbios_table() to see if there's any micalculation going
on -- but no -- it seems that all method->write() methods
there work as expected and their cumulative output
adds up to  209 bytes -- but only 128 are present)


# dmidecode
Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs.
SMBIOS 3.0 present.
7 structures occupying 209 bytes.
Table at 0x3CB28020.
Wrong DMI structures length: bytes announced, only 128 bytes available.
Handle 0x0000, DMI type 0, 24 bytes
BIOS Information
        Vendor: U-Boot
        Version: 2021.04
        Release Date: 04/08/2021
        ROM Size: 64 kB
                PCI is supported
                BIOS is upgradeable
                Selectable boot is supported
                I2O boot is supported
                Targeted content distribution is supported
        BIOS Revision: 21.4
Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
        Manufacturer: Not Specified
        Product Name: Not Specified
        Version: Not Specified
        Serial Number: 100000000ffddf0b
        UUID: 30303031-3030-3030-3066-666464663062
        Wake-up Type: Reserved
        SKU Number: Not Specified
        Family: Not Specified
Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 14 bytes
Base Board Information
        Manufacturer: Not Specified
        Product Name: Not Specified
        Version: Not Specified
        Serial Number: Not Specified
        Asset Tag: Not Specified
                Board is a hosting board
        Location In Chassis: Not Specified
        Chassis Handle: 0x0000
        Type: Motherboard
Invalid entry length (0). DMI table is broken! Stop.

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