[PATCH 1/4] rockchip: gru: Set up SoC IO domain registers

Alper Nebi Yasak alpernebiyasak at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 21:56:30 CET 2021

On 09/12/2021 05:32, Simon Glass wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Dec 2021 at 13:31, Alper Nebi Yasak <alpernebiyasak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 03/12/2021 06:31, Simon Glass wrote:
>>> On Thu, 25 Nov 2021 at 10:40, Alper Nebi Yasak <alpernebiyasak at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> The RK3399 SoC needs to know the voltage value provided by some
>>>> regulators, which is done by setting relevant register bits. Configure
>>>> these the way other RK3399 boards do, but with values set in coreboot.
>>> What do you mean by values set in coreboot? We don't need that to run
>>> here, do we?
>> I meant that I wasn't blindly copying from other boards which have the
>> same block (e.g. Pinebook Pro), but was using known-good values for Gru
>> boards that coreboot also uses [1].
>> I tested again and it looks like my Kevin works just as good without
>> this patch, so I'll drop it.
> Well I have no objection to the patch. I'd suggest saying 'but with
> the same values as asre set in the equivalent code in coreboot'.

Ah, OK. I'll keep it with that change, then.

(I'll also remove the unnecessary ifdef.)

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