[PATCH v2 1/1] fastboot: fb_getvar: Add getvar_logical_blocksize for NXP mfgtool

Oleh Kravchenko oleg at kaa.org.ua
Wed Dec 29 16:07:31 CET 2021

Hello Angus,

29.12.21 15:35, Angus Ainslie пише:
> The version of uuu that we are using requires the block-size for the sparse upload
> https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/mfgtools/-/blob/pureos/amber/libuuu/fastboot.cpp#L501

This version is outdated (2 years old).
Maybe it is time to upgrade to the latest one?

> It looks like the upstream version will default to 4096 if the block-size is not provided
> https://github.com/NXPmicro/mfgtools/blob/5397913ad97db422c1d70f314dedff4cb7d976b9/libuuu/fastboot.cpp#L642
> Instead of making assumptions about the block size wouldn't it be better to provide one if requested ?

+1 if it works faster ^_^

> We could also remove that being a required parameter from the uuu that we are using but that still leaves versions out there that won't work with a mainline u-boot.

Why does mainline use fixed block size 4096?

Excuse me for direct questions I'm just curious.

Best regards,
Oleh Kravchenko

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