How to flash Odroid Go2 u-boot

Roger Pau Monné royger at
Mon Feb 8 12:53:25 CET 2021


I'm trying to build an u-boot image that I can flash into my SD card
in order to boot from Odroid Go Super. I'm currently trying to use the
odroid-go2_defconfig which should be fairly similar to the hardware
present in the Go3.

I've managed to build it from 2021.01, but I'm not sure how I should
proceed to flash the result into the SD card. The 'fuser' script from
the Hardkernel u-boot forked repository has:

dd if=idbloader.img of=/dev/foo conv=fsync bs=512 seek=64
dd if=uboot.img of=/dev/foo conv=fsync bs=512 seek=16384
dd if=trust.img of=/dev/foo conv=fsync bs=512 seek=24576

I see idbloader.img and u-boot.img as outputs from the build process,
but I have no idea how to get trust.img, as that doesn't seem to be
part of the build output AFAICT. Is it something I need to get from
another repository?

Could docs/README.odroid be expanded to include information about how
to build and install u-boot for the odroid-go2 target? Or maybe create
a different file if that's more convenient.

Thanks, Roger.

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