[PATCH v2 00/10] Allow booting a 32-bit system with a top memory address beyond 4 GiB

Bin Meng bmeng.cn at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 14:27:18 CET 2021

Hi Simon,

On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 8:36 PM Bin Meng <bmeng.cn at gmail.com> wrote:
> When testing QEMU RISC-V 'virt' machine with a 2 GiB memory
> configuration, it was discovered gd->ram_top is assigned to
> value zero in setup_dest_addr().
> While 2 GiB QEMU RISC-V 'virt' happens to work with U-Boot today,
> increasing more memory doesn't make a bootable system. There are
> various places in U-Boot that prevents such from working.
> While this is seen and tested on RISC-V, it's not RISC-V centric,
> but a generic issue that may affect all architectures.
> Changes in v2:
> - new patch: arm: rockchip: Explicitly cast gd->ram_top in dram_init_banksize()
> - new patch: riscv: ax25-ae350: Cast addr with uintptr_t
> - new patch: net: ftmac100: Cast priv->iobase with uintptr_t

GitLab pass:

Azure pass with the patch [1]:

[1] http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/patch/20210131083835.9916-1-bmeng.cn@gmail.com/


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