Please pull u-boot-marvell/master

Stefan Roese sr at
Fri Jun 4 15:15:52 CEST 2021

Hi Tom,

please pull the next batch of Marvell Armada related patches:

- mvebu: a37xx: PCI related enhancements and fixes (Pali)
- mvebu: turris_omnia: Board specific updates, e.g. rescue
   boot cmd etc (Marek)

Here the Azure build without any issues:


The following changes since commit 89be8e31ccd1c53b010385ed0807eb00f0eec06a:

   fastboot: Fix overflow when calculating chunk size (2021-06-01 
16:48:54 -0400)

are available in the Git repository at:

   git at

for you to fetch changes up to 176c3e7760a2e302620b8b12b29f4aa385b86087:

   arm: mvebu: turris_omnia: support invoking rescue boot from console 
(2021-06-04 11:32:41 +0200)

Marek Behún (2):
       arm: mvebu: turris_omnia: update rescue mode boot command
       arm: mvebu: turris_omnia: support invoking rescue boot from console

Pali Rohár (7):
       arm: a37xx: pci: Don't put link into LTSSM Recovery state during 
       arm: a37xx: pci: Disable bus mastering when unloading driver
       arm: a37xx: pci: Fix DT compatible string to Linux' DT compatible
       arm: a37xx: pci: Find PCIe controller node by compatible instead 
of path
       arm: a37xx: pci: Fix a3700_fdt_fix_pcie_regions() function
       arm: a37xx: pci: Increase PCIe MEM size from 16 MiB to 127 MiB
       arm: a37xx: pci: Fix configuring PCIe resources

  arch/arm/dts/armada-37xx.dtsi            |  15 ++-
  arch/arm/mach-mvebu/armada3700/cpu.c     |  78 ++++++++++----
  board/CZ.NIC/turris_omnia/turris_omnia.c |  48 +++++----
  drivers/pci/pci-aardvark.c               | 169 
  include/configs/turris_omnia.h           |  23 +++++
  5 files changed, 287 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)

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