U-Boot does not boot from MicroSD card >1 USB storage devices are present

Eimar Koort eimar.koort at tutamail.com
Mon Jun 7 07:21:45 CEST 2021

Hi all,

There seems to be a bug in combination with RPI4 and 2 HDD-s are connected over same USB port. When HDD-s are present, then u-boot is not able to boot up OS from SD card.
Created a FreeBSD bug report about this issue. However it seems not to be FreeBSD problem, but U-Boot bug instead.

I have to mention that all this worked with older RPI4 firmware and U-Boot 2020.10, which came with then Freebsd13-current. Some updates (including rpi firmware update) later it stopped working.

Steps to reproduce: take USB HUB, attach 2 or more HDD/usb thumb drives or something like that, connect it to RPI and try to boot up from SD card.

Longer reading and much more details can be found here:

Newer bug report created by Roger Leigh:

And an older one:

Eimar Koort
( eimar.koort at tutamail.com )

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