Boeing Engineer - Help Needed (URGENT)

Alex G. at
Thu Jun 17 22:56:25 CEST 2021

Ni Nelson,

On 6/17/21 2:21 PM, Su (US), Nelson Z wrote:
> Hi U-Boot devs,
> I am an engineer working for Boeing and I need assistance with getting a MicroChip VSC6803 API ( to work on their VSC7429 Ethernet Switch. From their API, we have a MFI image file built to load onto the Switch and this was instructed to be done with U-Boot. The problem is we have a board with a blank NOR chip, so we have no starting image to even get U-Boot up. How would we get an image with U-Boot onto our NOR chip? We have SPI connector for SPI NOR flash. Our board is a Luton26. We have no idea how to get U-Boot loaded onto our chip. I read on the U-Boot project's README that U-Boot can be installed in a boot ROM, but I have no idea how to do that.

Although I am not familiar with this particular chip, it sounds like you 
might need a hardware flasher, like a DediProg.

> Please help. This is extremely time critical.

I presume you don't have a plane going down right now. You'll be fine, 
and we'll do what we can to point you in the right direction.


> Thanks,
> Nelson Su

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