request for i.MX8MM Venice test

Tim Harvey tharvey at
Mon Mar 8 17:47:10 CET 2021

On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 6:10 PM Marek Behun <marek.behun at> wrote:
> [sorry for the spam, I accidentally sent this e-mail from my personal
> address]
> Hello Tim,
> you are listed as maintainer of i.MX8MM Venice board in U-Boot.
> I am currently working on LTO support for U-Boot, and I have
> encountered a problem with i.MX8MM Venice board:
> when LTO is enabled, the linking process for SPL does not throw away
> relocation information, making the resulting SPL image too big for that
> board.
> I have added a patch that discards symbols from .rela* section to my
> patch series, but I would like you to test whether the patch series
> works for your board and does not break anything.
> Could you please clone branch lto,
> build for imx8mm_venice_defconfig and test whether it boots on your
> board and maybe test some U-Boot commands (disk reads, kernel
> booting, ...)? If it does not work, could you also please check with
> current U-Boot master, to see if it got broken with my patches or with
> something different?


Your lto branch does not boot - I don't get anything after the SPL
banner. U-Boot master shows the same problem so some regression has
taken place.

There should be several other IMX8 boards using SPL that show the same
issue I would think?

I will have to bisect to find the breakage.

Best regards,


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