Locking down U-Boot env with ENV_WRITEABLE_LIST

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Fri Mar 26 19:34:33 CET 2021

On 3/26/21 7:15 PM, Tim Harvey wrote:
> Greetings,


> I'm trying to understand best how to lock down a U-Boot environment
> My understanding is that I should define all vars that I wish to be
> able to be loaded from a FLASH env in CONFIG_ENV_FLAGS_LIST_DEFAULT. I
> would think this would be something in Kconfig but it's not so I
> wonder if I'm misunderstanding something or if I truly need to patch a
> config.h when using this feature.

You do need to patch board config in include/configs/ , since the flags 
were note converted to Kconfig. And make sure you only use integer or 
bool vars, since strings might contain scripts, which you want to avoid.

> What is the best way to actively see your static U-Boot env that gets
> linked into U-Boot? I can see it with a hexdump but there must be a
> better way by looking at an include file?

 From running u-boot, => env print

> What is the best way to set the list of vars that you wish to be
> allowed to be imported from a FLASH env?

Ideally none, and if you really want to make sure something can be 
pulled in from external env, then:
#define CONFIG_ENV_FLAGS_LIST_STATIC "var1:dw,var2:dw"

And those config options I had enabled in u-boot defconfig:


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