[PATCH v2] mmc: Update environment variable with active partition

Reuben Dowle reuben.dowle at 4rf.com
Mon May 10 06:38:52 CEST 2021

Hi Jaehoon,

> boot_ack / boot_partition / partition_access are optional variable, not
> mandatory.
> And it's confused that different variable is used with same command.
> I think that it's enough to use "mmc partconf <dev>". Then it's showed which
> partition is used.
> If you have to apply this patch,
> It seems that "mmc partconf <dev> [varname] [boot_ack boot_partition
> partition_access]" is correct way.

mmc partconf has two forms currently - one  where you set the values and one where you read the values. It would not make sense to write the environment variable when you are writing the MMC values.

When setting the values you need 4 parameters (dev + three values to set). In this case all three values are mandatory, and this is not changing.

When reading the values you currently just need 1 parameter (dev). This patch adds a second optional parameter to store the current active partition.

> Best Regards,
> Jaehoon Chung

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