Zynq MPSoC Dynamic DDR DIMM Configuration support

Michal Simek michal.simek at xilinx.com
Thu May 13 08:38:46 CEST 2021

Hi Jorge,

On 5/12/21 11:21 PM, Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz, Foundries wrote:
> Hi Michal
> We are doing some work on an MPSoC UZ3EG platform part of which
> requires us to replace FSBL with SPL.

Just for curiosity what's the reason for this requirement that fsbl is
not enough?

> It seems the actual boot process is becoming an issue on these SoCs;
> currently, 1) we embed the PMU firmware on SPL so the bootrom can
> extract it and program it;

Actually it is not working like this. PMU FW is own part of boot.bin and
it is not embed in SPL.

> 2) then SPL configures the PMU using a
> platform specific binary that gets built also with SPL; 

PMU cfg object.

and finally,
> 3) SPL sets up the DDR using its psu_init_gpl.c settings (also board
> specific, part of the XSA).


> It is this final step in the boot sequence that is being broken by the
> Dynamic DDR DIMM configuration feature [1]
> [1] https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/75768.html

This was developed for zcu102 and maybe others boards which have DIMM
modules where origin part were EOL.

> Are you aware of any work in progress to support this? Any thoughts on
> how to work around it and train the DDR? will the functionality
> required to implmenet Dynamic DDR DIMM configuration be added as a
> separate file to the XSA tarball or will we need to do some native
> implementation in SPL?

I am not aware about any work on SPL side to support this. IIRC FSBL
didn't have generic DDR configuration. It was only by reading SPD and
aligned some parameters but it is quite a long time I have looked at it
last time.

> Becase without a change in the last link in the process chain
> described earlier (calls to psu_init()), DDR just wont be accessible
> to U-BOOT or OP-TEE.
> In our case, we were able to boot from QSPI, boot SPL (in OCM), have
> SPL unpack and validate the FIT image, execute TF-A(in OCM), but then
> any jumps to OP-TEE or U-BOOT would obviously not progress since the
> DDR wasnt properly trained/initialized.
> so, any thoughts or plans you can share?

The question is why you need this feature to be there. It is not working
for every DIMM module. And normally if you have custom boards you need
just one DDR configuration (or limited number based on HW versions) and
for that there is really no need to waste your boot up time on it.
You can add multiple configurations to psu_init_gpl() and based on any
information (board rev/pins/etc) decided which one should be used.


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