[PATCH RFC] cmd: fix net list command

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Nov 15 16:20:09 CET 2021

Dear Michal,

In message <2a51974b-41cf-56e4-c9c9-e6b699f27f5c at xilinx.com> you wrote:
> As we discussed in previous thread. I think there shouldn't be a problem 
> when u-boot passes random mac address (in whatever way) but if Linux 
> driver know how to get correct one it should be tried first.

No, I strongly disagree here.  If I set a MAC address in U-Boot and
pass it to the kernel, I want that the kernel uses this address.
there may be very good reasons to chose some other address - even if
the "correct" one is known in U-Boot (say, by accident there are
several boards using the same MAC address).

> And it is up to board designer to decide when it is the right time. I 
> can imagine that it can be the part of kernel driver or can be purely 
> done in user space.

Again, no.  It must not be done automatically in the kernel driver,
as this would restrict the user's capabilities to decide what
happens.  If the user want's to change the address in Linux, he can
do this in user space - but again, it is then a (hopufully concious)
decision of the user, and not some automagic code in a driver which
ruins all my attempts to use the address I want to have used.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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