how to run u-boot on qemu arm64 virt machine?

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Hi Francois,

Thanks for the good information. I’ll look into that later.

Can I ask you a basic question?

When there are SCP, MCP and the main processor, in what processor does u-boot program run? I understand it runs on the main processor.

Is it possible to run it on SCP? I mean loading from SD card the kernel, file system, dtb etc to the memory and calling kernel.

Thank you!

Chan Kim


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You can find work in progress here too:


For aarch64 there are virt and sbsa-ref machines. Virt is essentially to boot a VM while sbsa-ref is a reference platform that mimics all required hardware, firmware for the secure world (TF-A, OP-TEE) and firmware for normal world (U-Boot, EDK2). This technology (sbsa-ref) is really to simulate a system for pre-silicon development while virt shall be used in cloud native environments.


We are working on something that we may end up calling bsa-ref (note the absence of initial S standing for “server”). Sbsa-ref is about edk2 and acpi, bsa-ref is about U-Boot and device tree. The directory points to this work in progress. You can have a look at SystemReady in Arm to understand and get details on bsa.


In a future release of Qemu, one will be able to simulate a full platform with its main processor (as of today) but also SCP (system control processor) and MCP (management control processor).






Le mer. 13 oct. 2021 à 07:03, Chan Kim <ckim at <mailto:ckim at> > a écrit :

> That's a very old QEMU version.  We use v6.1.0 currently and v4.2.0 before
> that.
> --
> Tom

Thank you, Tom

Yes, so I tried it now with v4.2.0 with "-nographic" option. (Without it I
still see qemu manager window.)

Chan Kim



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