[PATCH v2 0/6] armv8: fixes and cleanups

Andre Przywara andre.przywara at arm.com
Fri Feb 11 12:29:33 CET 2022


revamping this small series, just small changes:
- rebasing on top of origin/master, there was a trivial conflict
- checking for FEAT_LSE2 before trying unaligned accesses (patch 1/6)

Michael Walle tested the whole of v1 successfully, and the changes should
not affect this result.
Mark Kettenis tested this on the Apple M1, but patch 1/6 has changed, so
I don't dare to carry over his tag.

I was looking into the arm64 boot code lately and stumbled upon some
issues. Also Nishanth brought back memories of a lengthy debug session,
which was caused due to U-Boot keeping SErrors masked. As the resulting
patches are all somewhat related, I gathered this series here to address
those problems.

Patches 1 to 3 address exception handling issues, with the SError
enablement being the most prominent fix here.
Patch 4 cleans up asm/io.h. This was on the list before[1], but was
somehow lost when it was intercepted by a shorter version of itself.
Patches 5 and 6 clean up some unnecessarily complicated AArch64 assembly

I did only some light testing, as some code paths do not apply to boards
I have (ARMV8_MULTIENTRY). However v1 was tested by Michael Walle in both
EL3 and EL2.


[1] https://lists.denx.de/pipermail/u-boot/2019-January/354296.html

Andre Przywara (6):
  cmd: exception: arm64: fix undefined, add faults
  armv8: Always unmask SErrors
  armv8: Force SP_ELx stack pointer usage
  arm: Clean up asm/io.h
  armv8: Simplify switch_el macro
  armv8: Fix and simplify branch_if_master/branch_if_slave

 arch/arm/cpu/armv8/fsl-layerscape/lowlevel.S | 11 +--
 arch/arm/cpu/armv8/start.S                   | 10 +-
 arch/arm/include/asm/io.h                    | 98 +-------------------
 arch/arm/include/asm/macro.h                 | 37 +++-----
 arch/arm/include/asm/system.h                |  1 +
 arch/arm/mach-rmobile/lowlevel_init_gen3.S   |  2 +-
 arch/arm/mach-socfpga/lowlevel_init_soc64.S  |  2 +-
 board/cortina/presidio-asic/lowlevel_init.S  |  2 +-
 cmd/arm/exception64.c                        | 64 ++++++++++++-
 9 files changed, 85 insertions(+), 142 deletions(-)


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