STM32MP: Can't lock PHK fuses through U-Boot cmd's "stm32key" or "fuse"

Johann Neuhauser jneuhauser at
Fri Feb 11 15:02:22 CET 2022

Hello Patrick, Patrice and other devs,

I'm trying to roll out secure boot with U-Boot v2022.01 only.
The boot flow should be like:
BootROM -(signed STM32 image)-> U-Boot SPL -(signed fit)-> U-Boot -(signed fit)-> Linux

Everything except the first part in the chain is working as expected.
I've used the U-Boot cmd "stm32key" to programm the file "publicKeyhash.bin",
but the command failed with: "Lock OTP 24 failed".

Here are the excact commands with output (hash values are replaced by xxxxxxxx):
STM32MP> load mmc 0:4 ${loadaddr} publicKeyhash.bin
STM32MP> stm32key read ${loadaddr}
Read KEY at 0xc2000000
OTP value 24: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 25: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 26: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 27: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 28: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 29: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 30: xxxxxxxx
OTP value 31: xxxxxxxx
STM32MP> stm32key fuse -y ${loadaddr}
Lock OTP 24 failed

A second call failed because the word 24 is already fused and not locked!
STM32MP> stm32key fuse ${loadaddr}
OTP HASH 24: xxxxxxxx lock : 0
OTP HASH 25: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 26: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 27: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 28: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 29: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 30: 0 lock : 0
OTP HASH 31: 0 lock : 0
OTP 0: closed status: 0 lock : 0
Hash of key is not locked!
Error: can't fuse again the OTP

After this failed attempt, I tried to fuse the hash with the command "fuse", like:
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x18 0x4e31bbcd
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x19 0x51e827dd
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1a 0x3511f521
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1b 0xfd9c11a2
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1c 0x5b997b82
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1d 0x8150adc5
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1e 0xa9c68fa9
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x1f 0x72a3ba74
Which gives me a matching "stm32key read" == "stm32key read ${loadaddr}",
except that the fuses aren't locked.

If I wanna lock the fuses with, it always fails with "ERROR":
STM32MP> fuse prog -y 0 0x10000018 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Programming bank 0 word 0x10000018 to 0x00000001...

According to the reference manual, chapter 4, only writes to the shadow registers aren't allowed!
Do you have any clue why locking the fuses isn't possilbe either with "stm32key" or with "fuse"?

The next thing is, that I can't authenticate any signed STM32 images with the non locked PHK fuses.
And no, I haven't closed the device already nor have I locked/fused any other fuses.
I've implemented a authentication status output inside "arch/arm/mach-stm32mp/spl.c"
like in TF-A "plat/st/stm32mp1/bl2_plat_setup.c", which I'll probably mainline into U-Boot.
I'm using a STM32MP157C on a DHCOM with PDK2 from DH electronics GmbH.

Best regards and a nice weekend,
Johann Neuhauser

DH electronics GmbH | Am Anger 8 | 83346 Bergen | Germany | Fon: +49 8662 4882 0
Board of Management: Stefan Daxenberger, Helmut Henschke | HRB Traunstein 9602

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