[PATCH] test/py: efi_capsule: Handle expected reset after capsule on disk

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Wed Feb 16 16:26:37 CET 2022

Hi Masami,

On Tue, 15 Feb 2022 at 02:05, Masami Hiramatsu
<masami.hiramatsu at linaro.org> wrote:
> Since now the capsule_on_disk will restart the u-boot sandbox right
> after the capsule update, if CONFIG_EFI_CAPSULE_ON_DISK_EARLY=y, the
> boot with a new capsule file will repeat reboot sequence. On the
> other hand, if CONFIG_EFI_CAPSULE_ON_DISK_EARLY=n, the 'env print -e'
> command will execute the capsule update on disk and reboot.
> Thus this update the uboot_console for those 2 cases;
>  - restart_uboot(): Add expect_earlyreset optional parameter so that
>    it can handle the reboot while booting.
>  - run_command(): Add wait_for_reboot optional parameter so that it
>    can handle the reboot after executing a command.
> And enable those options in the test_capsule_firmware.py test cases.
> Signed-off-by: Masami Hiramatsu <masami.hiramatsu at linaro.org>
> ---
>  .../test_efi_capsule/test_capsule_firmware.py      |   39 ++++++--
>  test/py/u_boot_console_base.py                     |   95 +++++++++++++++-----
>  test/py/u_boot_console_sandbox.py                  |    6 +
>  3 files changed, 102 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)

We have a means to avoid actually doing the reset, see the reset driver.

PLEASE use that instead of adding all this code. Also make sure that
test works with 'make qcheck' too.


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