[PATCH 7/7] microblaze: exception: drop user exception support

Ovidiu Panait ovidiu.panait at windriver.com
Thu Feb 17 14:14:08 CET 2022

Hi Michal,

On 2/15/22 14:16, Michal Simek wrote:
> [Please note: This e-mail is from an EXTERNAL e-mail address]
> On 2/13/22 09:09, Ovidiu Panait wrote:
>> A user exception is triggered by inserting a bralid/brki jump to
>> "C_BASE_VECTORS+0x8" in the software flow. Because u-boot microblaze 
>> code
>> does not deal with MMU-related features such as 
>> user-mode/privileged-mode
>> separation, there are no code sequences that call into the user 
>> exception
>> handler.
>> It seems there is no real usecase for having user exception support in
>> u-boot, so drop the code that installs the nop handler.
> U-Boot still supports to run user code on the top of u-boot which 
> doesn't need
> to handle these kind of exceptions. That's why it is good to jump to 
> this code
> and let you know about it.
Thanks for the feedback, this patch should just be ignored then.

The rest of this series I think it's still a good addition to the 
microblaze exception code.


> M

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