[PATCH 2/2] ARM: imx: imx8mn-evk: use one common u-boot.dtsi for the evk boards

Heiko Thiery heiko.thiery at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 17:28:09 CET 2022

Hi Tim and all,


> > +
> Heiko,
> Thanks for doing this.
> If we can add multi-fdt support by adding 'fit,fdt-list = "of-list"'
> and @fdt-SEQ this would work for the recently merged
> imx8mn-venice-gw7902 support as well.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have one binman file for all imx8
boards? Currently every imx8 platform has its own stuff in the
corresponding imx8{mn,mq,mn,mm}-u-boot.dtsi although the image
creation is always the same. I think about something like
imx8-image-u-boot.dtsi or imx8-binman-u-boot.dtsi that holds one
common image generation definition. But I saw that there are some
boards that have e.g. fip/optee nodes and currently I do not know if
we can include that in a common way.

> I could do that as a follow-up if needed.
> Best Regards,
> Tim

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