[PATCH 0/5] Add ESM driver support for AM64x R5

Nagalla, Hari hnagalla at ti.com
Fri Feb 25 23:00:16 CET 2022

Hi Christian,

I have a v2 series.. Will send out by Saturday.


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Hi Hari

Am Mi., 2. Feb. 2022 um 18:50 Uhr schrieb Hari Nagalla <hnagalla at ti.com>:
> AM64x devices have a main ESM and a MCU ESM. The ESM driver enables 
> routing of the error events from various sources to different 
> processors or to reset hardware logic. Only the MCU ESM's high output 
> can trigger reset logic. The main RTI0 WWDT output can be routed to 
> the MCU highoutput to trigger reset through the main ESM. For this 
> reset to occur CTRLMMR_MCU_RST_CTRL:MCU_ESM_ERROR_RESET_EN_Z is set to '0'.
> AM64x Technical Reference Manual - https://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/spruim2

Are there any plans to send out a V2 of this patch series? If not I can jump in (as I really want to see in U-Boot sooner than later).

Christian Gmeiner, MSc


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