[PATCH 0/4] Add support for QEMU's ramfb display

Alexander Graf agraf at csgraf.de
Sun Feb 27 18:05:15 CET 2022

On 27.02.22 16:35, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
> On 2/27/22 15:40, Alexander Graf wrote:
>> QEMU implements multiple ways to expose graphics output to the virt
>> machine, but most of them are incompatible with hardware virtualization.
>> The one that does work reliably is ramfb. It's a very simple mechanism
>> in which the guest reserves a memory region for the frame buffer and 
>> then
>> notifies the host about its location and properties. The host then just
>> displays the contents of the frame buffer on screen.
>> This patch set adds support to drive the ramfb device in our QEMU arm
>> targets. Theoretically, it should work as is with any of the other
>> architectures as well though.
>> With this driver, we have a very simple, KVM compatible way to expose
>> GOP via UEFI to payloads and thus enable development and testing of
>> graphical OS functionality with QEMU's -M virt.
>> Alexander Graf (4):
>>    qfw: Add WRITE definition
>>    ramfb: Add driver for ramfb display
>>    qfw: Spawn ramfb device if its file is present
>>    qemu-arm*: Enable ramfb by default
> Please, enable the device on RISC-V too.

Sure, I added a riscv enablement patch to the existing submission. It 
works like a charm :).


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