[PATCH 00/11] Port manufacturer specific initialization

Michael Trimarchi michael at amarulasolutions.com
Thu Jul 14 16:37:14 CEST 2022

In preparation of re-sync of mtd stack, I opt to move the current stack
slowly in order to have a more easy sync and test. I would like to
prepare uboot to support no-jedec and no-onfi compliant nand so I need
to clean up a bit the code we have now and upstream some of the support.
In this series we expect no functional change

Tested on:
	- imx6ull Micron MT29F2G08ABAGAH4

Michael Trimarchi (11):
  mtd: nand: Get rid of busw parameter
  mtd: nand: Store nand ID in struct nand_chip
  mtd: nand: Add manufacturer specific initialization/detection steps
  mtd: nand: Get rid of mtd variable in function calls
  mtd: nand: Export symbol nand_decode_ext_id
  mtd: nand: Move Samsung specific init/detection logic in
  mtd: nand: Move Hynix specific init/detection logic in nand_hynix.c
  mtd: nand: Move Toshiba specific init/detection logic in
  mtd: nand: Move Micron specific init logic in nand_micron.c
  mtd: nand: Move AMD/Spansion specific init/detection logic in
  mtd: nand: Move Macronix specific initialization in nand_macronix.c

 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/Makefile        |  10 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_amd.c      |  53 ++++
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_base.c     | 359 ++++++++++-----------------
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_hynix.c    |  86 +++++++
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_ids.c      |  14 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_macronix.c |  32 +++
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_micron.c   |  88 +++++++
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_samsung.c  |  90 +++++++
 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_toshiba.c  |  53 ++++
 include/linux/mtd/rawnand.h          |  78 ++++--
 10 files changed, 599 insertions(+), 264 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_amd.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_hynix.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_macronix.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_micron.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_samsung.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_toshiba.c


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