[PATCH v8 4/4] mtd: spi-nor-core: Add support for Macronix Octal flash

Jagan Teki jagan at amarulasolutions.com
Fri Jul 15 11:04:20 CEST 2022

On Mon, Jul 4, 2022 at 11:43 AM JaimeLiao <jaimeliao.tw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Adding Macronix Octal flash for Octal DTR support.
> The octaflash series can be divided into the following types:
> MX25 series : Serial NOR Flash.
> MX66 series : Serial NOR Flash with stacked die.(Size larger than 1Gb)
> LM/UM series : Up to 250MHz clock frequency with both DTR/STR operation.
> LW/UW series : Support simultaneous Read-while-Write operation in multiple
>                bank architecture. Read-while-write feature which means read
>                data one bank while another bank is programing or erasing.

Can you resend this patch on top of u-boot-spi/master


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