[PATCH 07/12] rockchip: puma-rk3399: load environment from same medium as one used to load U-Boot proper

Quentin Schulz foss+uboot at 0leil.net
Fri Jul 22 18:06:50 CEST 2022

From: Quentin Schulz <quentin.schulz at theobroma-systems.com>

Chances are when one boots U-Boot proper from a given storage medium,
they want the same medium to be used to load and store the environment.

This basically allows to have completely separate U-Boot (TPL/SPL/U-Boot
proper/environment) per storage medium which is convenient when working
with recovery from SD-Card as one would just need to insert a properly
configured SD-Card into the device to have access to their whole debug

No fallback mechanism is provided as to not dirty other storage medium
environment by mistake. However, since arch_env_get_location() is called
by env_init() which is part of the pre-relocation process, a valid,
non-ENVL_UNKNOWN, value shall be returned otherwise the relocation fails
with the following message:
initcall sequence 00000000002866c0 failed at call 0000000000256b34 (err=-19)

This valid, non-ENVL_UNKNOWN, value is ENVL_NOWHERE which requires to
always select CONFIG_ENV_IS_NOWHERE otherwise this work-around does not

Cc: Quentin Schulz <foss+uboot at 0leil.net>
Signed-off-by: Quentin Schulz <quentin.schulz at theobroma-systems.com>

Depends on

 .../puma_rk3399/puma-rk3399.c                 | 37 +++++++++++++++++++
 configs/puma-rk3399_defconfig                 |  1 +
 2 files changed, 38 insertions(+)

diff --git a/board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/puma-rk3399.c b/board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/puma-rk3399.c
index 5e5e58c88e..7ef4bac24b 100644
--- a/board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/puma-rk3399.c
+++ b/board/theobroma-systems/puma_rk3399/puma-rk3399.c
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
 #include <common.h>
 #include <dm.h>
 #include <env.h>
+#include <env_internal.h>
 #include <init.h>
 #include <log.h>
 #include <misc.h>
@@ -135,6 +136,42 @@ int mmc_get_env_dev(void)
+#error Please enable CONFIG_ENV_IS_NOWHERE
+enum env_location arch_env_get_location(enum env_operation op, int prio)
+	const char *boot_device =
+		ofnode_read_chosen_string("u-boot,spl-boot-device");
+	if (prio > 0)
+		return ENVL_UNKNOWN;
+	if (!boot_device) {
+		debug("%s: /chosen/u-boot,spl-boot-device not set\n",
+		      __func__);
+		return ENVL_NOWHERE;
+	}
+	debug("%s: booted from %s\n", __func__, boot_device);
+	    !strcmp(boot_device, "/spi at ff1d0000/flash at 0"))
+		return ENVL_SPI_FLASH;
+	    (!strcmp(boot_device, "/mmc at fe320000") ||
+	     !strcmp(boot_device, "/mmc at fe330000")))
+		return ENVL_MMC;
+	printf("%s: No environment available: booted from %s but U-Boot "
+	       "config does not allow loading environment from it.",
+	       __func__, boot_device);
+	return ENVL_NOWHERE;
 int misc_init_r(void)
 	const u32 cpuid_offset = 0x7;
diff --git a/configs/puma-rk3399_defconfig b/configs/puma-rk3399_defconfig
index 87d7e4f57c..e218532d70 100644
--- a/configs/puma-rk3399_defconfig
+++ b/configs/puma-rk3399_defconfig
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ CONFIG_SPL_OF_CONTROL=y
 CONFIG_OF_SPL_REMOVE_PROPS="interrupt-parent assigned-clocks assigned-clock-rates assigned-clock-parents"

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