[SPAM] Re: Replace make-fit-atf.py with binman. Was: migrate u-boot-rockchip.bin to binman and generate an image for SPI

Xavier Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Tue Jul 26 21:48:13 CEST 2022

El Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 09:15:10PM +0200, Jerome Forissier deia:
> > I'm sending a patch below that adds a couple of configuration properties to 
> > binman so that split-elf can fill the properties. How many segments are 
> > in bl31.elf or optee is not something that we have in CONFIGs, I think, 
> > so it may be difficult to catch all cases with ifdefs.
> Careful with OP-TEE: tee.elf must NOT be used, please see commit
> 348310233dac ("mach-rockchip: make_fit_atf.py: support OP-TEE tee.bin v1
> format").

Uh. Maybe it isn't worth to migrate from make_fit_atf.py to split-elf ?  

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