kwboot - positional tty argument

Pali Rohár pali at
Mon Mar 7 12:40:47 CET 2022


On Sunday 06 March 2022 14:38:57 Tony Dinh wrote:
> Hi Pali,
> I have an observation, which is not related to this patch. But about
> the kwboot options changes in general, I hope it is OK to mention it
> here.
> Before the changes you've made to solve the problem with the -b
> option, I can do this:
> kwboot -t  -B 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 -b uboot.kwb

Interesting... I did not know that this kind of setup worked. It was not
documented neither in usage nor in manpage. Normally in applications and
scripts, all option arguments are before non-option (positional)

> But now, the -b option can not be used after the tty device name. All
> options must appear before the tty device.
> Is this the actual intention? it did break some of my existing
> aliases/scripts (It is not a big deal to retrofit them). Just want to
> make sure I understand the reason to make the tty device a positional
> argument for kwboot.
> Thanks,
> Tony

Marek, Stefan, do you want to support above (old) handling of positional
tty device argument to be present in the middle of option arguments?

I think I can develop some "hack" patch for argv[] processing to support
this operation. But my question is, if this is something which we want
to officially support. Because if not, it is better to have separate
option arguments and positional arguments like in any other application.

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