arm: stm32h7: Support for the STM32H747I-DISCO board

Patrice CHOTARD patrice.chotard at
Mon Mar 7 18:38:42 CET 2022

Hi Johannes

+Alexandre who is STM32 kernel maintainer.

On 3/7/22 18:24, Johannes (krjdev) Krottmayer wrote:
> Hi Patrice
> Thanks for the answer.
> On 07.03.22 17:09, Patrice CHOTARD wrote:
>>> But there some issues on the website:
>>> - According the website, the board has 256Mbit external SDRAM
>>> That's not true. There is a 512MBit SDRAM from ISSI mounted.
> It's a 256Mbit SDRAM mounted on the board. First looked in the
> schematics in the user manual and there are two SDRAM types
> (256MBit and 512Bit from ISSI). But unfortunately no notice
> which type is really mounted.
> Sorry, my mistake.
>>> Can I release a patch series here, when my work is done? I don't
>>> know if there any interest for other users exists, to add here
>>> the support to U-Boot.
>> Yes please, it's still useful to get a new STM32 board supported in U-Boot ;-)
> Device-Trees:
> I would release SoC device-trees for other types in this series too.
> Made a base SoC (dtsi) for the STM32H745. The STM32H747 includes this
> device-tree as base configuration, because according the TRM, the
> STM32H747 has an additional feature, the DSI interface.
> Other SoC series:
> - STM32H755:
> STM32H755 source also STM32H745, because the additional features is
> the HASH and the CRYPTO controller.
> - STM32H757:
> STM32H757 source also STM32H747 because the SoC has also the DSI
> interface and the HASH and the CRYPTO controller.
> So I would create following SoC device-trees:
> stm32h745.dtsi -> This is the base device-tree
> stm22h747.dtsi
> stm22h755.dtsi
> stm32h757.dtsi
> Of course also for STM32H747I-DISCO. :)
> Okay?

I am okay with your approach.

By default, we synchronized U-boot device tree with kernel device tree.
First it will be preferable to do the job on kernel side.
As soon as it will be accepted, then we will synchronize the device tree on U-Boot side.

Alex, are you agree with this ?


> Kind regards,
> Johannes K.

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