No u-boot-rockchip pull request sent or merged for v2022.04

Alper Nebi Yasak alpernebiyasak at
Thu Mar 10 22:05:42 CET 2022

Hi Tom,

I have a few Rockchip-related series [1] that I was expecting to land
for v2022.04 (including improvements for chromebook_bob, support for the
chromebook_kevin board, rk3399 eMMC fixes) but there hasn't been a
u-boot-rockchip pull request since the one for v2022.01 [2]. There's
also more pending patches from other people [3].

Kever seems unresponsive, last message to the mailing list was that pull
request in December 2021. I did send on-list mails as To: Kever whenever
Simon happened to poke me about chromebook_kevin not being merged, but
to no avail.

What should be done here, any advice?

Sorry for being quite late with this,

[1] Patches by me

[2] Pull request: u-boot-rockchip-20211226

[3] Patches assigned to Kever Yang

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