[PATCH] clk: imx8mq: Add a clock driver for the imx8mq

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Fri Mar 11 11:18:24 CET 2022

On 3/11/22 01:53, Angus Ainslie wrote:
> Based off the imx8mm u-boot driver and the linux kernel driver

What does this patch do again ? (it is impossible to tell from the 
one-line commit message above unless you have it back-to-back with Subject).

Also, if these tables come from Linux, please include the upstream linux 
kernel commit ID from which these tables come from, so next time the 
tables need to be synchronized from Linux to U-Boot, we could only pick 
the new commits from Linux since the base commit.


> +static const char *imx8mq_a53_core_sels[] = {"arm_a53_div", "arm_pll_out", };
> +static const char *imx8mq_a53_sels[] = {"clock-osc-25m", "arm_pll_out", "sys_pll2_500m",
> +					"sys_pll2_1000m", "sys_pll1_800m", "sys_pll1_400m",
> +					"audio_pll1_out", "sys_pll3_out", };
> +
> +static const char *imx8mq_ahb_sels[] = {"clock-osc-25m", "sys_pll1_133m", "sys_pll1_800m",
> +					"sys_pll1_400m", "sys_pll2_125m", "sys_pll3_out",
> +					"audio_pll1_out", "video_pll1_out", };
> +
> +static const char *imx8mq_enet_axi_sels[] = {"clock-osc-25m", "sys_pll1_266m", "sys_pll1_800m",
> +					     "sys_pll2_250m", "sys_pll2_200m", "audio_pll1_out",
> +					     "video_pll1_out", "sys_pll3_out", };
> +

You might want to invert the logic -- ifdef CONFIG_SPL_BUILD -- and then 
NOT include a lot of these clock in SPL to reduce the size of the SPL.


The rest looks good to me, thanks.

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