booting of renesas rcar v3u

Tuschik Thilo t.tuschik at
Wed Mar 16 10:07:38 CET 2022

Good morning,

I am doing my master thesis /w the rcar v3u of renesas and I am facing 
the issue that the booting of the linux does stop at one point.
It seems to be a problem with *Starting Rebuild Dynamic Linker 
Cache...* and *Starting Network Time Synchronization...*.
It gives me the output, that Network Time Synchronization is stopped, 
because it is not able to be started correctly (even NTP messages are 
not being sent).

It also gives a log like:

A start job is running for…amic Linker Cache

Is this still part of the u-boot code?
Do you have any clue how to resolve this?
Or where I could look for a resolution at least?

Best regards

Thilo Tuschik

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