[PATCH v4 2/4] clk: imx8mq: Add a clock driver for the imx8mq

Angus Ainslie angus at akkea.ca
Wed Mar 16 15:15:40 CET 2022

On 2022-03-16 07:02, Heiko Thiery wrote:
> Hi Angus,
> [snip]
>> >
>> > Meanwhile I figured out what the problem is with the 'No serial driver
>> > found'. In the used dtb there are 'assigned-clocks' and
>> > 'assigned-clock-parents' set in the uart nodes. When removing this the
>> > serial will work. I have to admit that I do not know why this is set
>> > that way. I can only imagine that this was taken from the uboot-imx
>> > tree.
>> >
>> > ---
>> > assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MQ_CLK_UART1>;
>> > assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MQ_SYS1_PLL_80M>;
>> > ---
>> >
>> Does that solve the reboot ?
> Yes, when I remove these assigned-clocks from my dtb the issue is
> solved and the board finds the serial driver and starts correctly.
>> > see also here:
>> > https://source.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/-/blob/master/arch/arm/dts/imx8mq-kontron-pitx-imx8m.dts#L315
>> If that works for Linux it should also work for u-boot. It may be that
>> the SYS1_PLL_80M isn't set correctly or that the CLK_UART1 mux isn't
>> correctly setup. If you enable DEBUG in clk-uclass I might be able to
>> figure out were the problem is.
> The problem is that the IMX8MQ_CLK_UART1 is not found and that is the
> reason that the probe fails. I tried to add the missing clocks to how
> it is done in the kernel.
> see here: https://pastebin.com/raw/iYYMHEdy

Looking at that you shouldn't need

+       clk_dm(IMX8MQ_CLK_25M, clk_register_fixed_rate(NULL, 
"clock-osc-25m", 25000000));
+       clk_dm(IMX8MQ_CLK_25M, clk_register_fixed_rate(NULL, 
"clock-osc-27m", 27000000));

Those get correctly probed by the clock-controller.

The rest of it looks OK and could be a follow on patch to the clock 

> But then something went wrong when probing uart3 ... the baudrate
> switched for the uart2 (console) and the serial output became broken.
> Later when the kernel starts the output becomes correct again. So the
> kernel seems to configure it correctly.
> see here: https://pastebin.com/raw/qXVShb3Q
> When I remove the "assigned-clock-parents = <&clk
> IMX8MQ_SYS1_PLL_80M>;" for uart3 the output of uart2 (console) keeps
> ok.

If that "fixes" it then it means that the parent IMX8MQ_SYS1_PLL_80M 
clock rate is getting changed by the uart3 stanza.

Are you using the mainline devicetree file for your board ? If not could 
you provide a link ?

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