[PATCH] arm: kirkwood: Sheevaplug : Use Marvell uclass mvgbe and PHY driver for Ethernet

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Mon Mar 21 12:46:42 CET 2022

On Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 03:36:50AM -0700, Tony Dinh wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> Perhaps you've missed merging this patch into your tree, or during the
> pull request to Tom.
> I saw Tom's recent patch to move the CONFIG_RESET_PHY_R to Kconfig:
> https://lists.denx.de/pipermail/u-boot/2022-March/478333.html
> diff --git a/configs/sheevaplug_defconfig b/configs/sheevaplug_defconfig
> And that should not be added for the Sheevaplug, since we have undef
> CONFIG_RESET_PHY_R in include/configs/sheevaplug.h

Please note that because of how the config.h files are handled, that
undef doesn't work.  A follow up to my patch to clean up any/all of the
wrong marvell boards would be appreciated.  And as Stefan noted, this is
going to be in -next and not master at this time.  Thanks!

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