[EXT] [PATCH] ARM: imx: romapi: Repair FlexSPI NOR boot offset

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Mon Mar 28 16:54:56 CEST 2022

On 3/28/22 08:54, Ye Li wrote:
> Hi Marek,



>>> 2. Update the u-boot.itb offset in imx8mp-u-boot.dtsi, set the
>>> offset
>>> to 0x5f000.  The previous offset 0x58000 is for SD, calculated by
>>> 0x60000 - 0x8000 (32KB image offset).
>>>                uboot: blob-ext at 2 {
>>>                        filename = "u-boot.itb";
>>>                        offset = <0x5f000>;
>>>                };
>> But that breaks booting from SD card for me ?
> Do you want to use one flash.bin for both SD and flexspi?

Yes, the board I use can boot from SD/eMMC/FlexSPI. I don't want to 
build multiple confusing "flash.bin" files, one for each boot media.

> When first introduced 8m support by imx8mimage.c, we expected the u-
> boot.itb at same device offset (0x60000) on SD/emmc and flexspi. The
> imx8mimage will calculate the offset inside the flash.bin automatically
> according to different IVT offset. The ROMAPI driver also works
> correspondingly.
> After using binman, the u-boot.itb offset inside the flash.bin has to
> be manually set in this DTS node. To follow the original design, this
> offset should be different. That's why I asked to update this dts node
> for flexspi.

This does imply that there are currently no users that boot from flexspi 
in upstream U-Boot, because such users would have to manually modify 
both arch/arm/dts/imx8m?-u-boot.dtsi and board/*/imximage.cfg to 
generate suitable flash.bin which can be started from FlexSPI.

Also, git grep confirms that there are no users:

u-boot$ git grep BOOT_FROM.*fspi
[sd|emmc_fastboot|fspi|nand_4k|nand_8k|nand_16k] [sector_size]

> If you change the ROM API driver, that will break our design. You can
> try to overwrite spl_romapi_get_uboot_base for your board only.

Since there are no users which boot from flexspi upstream, this design 
can still be fixed such that it does not require different flash.bin for 
different boot media, but rather one flash.bin works on all boot media. 
I think that is much better.


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