[EXT] [PATCH] ARM: imx: romapi: Repair FlexSPI NOR boot offset

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Tue Mar 29 11:01:57 CEST 2022

On 3/29/22 04:49, Ye Li wrote:


>>> If you change the ROM API driver, that will break our design. You
>>> can
>>> try to overwrite spl_romapi_get_uboot_base for your board only.
>> Since there are no users which boot from flexspi upstream, this
>> design
>> can still be fixed such that it does not require different flash.bin
>> for
>> different boot media, but rather one flash.bin works on all boot
>> media.
>> I think that is much better.
> Your flash.bin can work on flexspi because you manually program the
> flexspi configurations header.

Sure, the header content is described in the MX8MP RM Rev. 1 06/2021 
" FlexSPI Configuration Block", this has nothing to do with 
this patch.

> But once you want to upgrade the
> flash.bin, flexspi configurations will also be erased due to the block
> size. Then you have to reprogram the configurations with flash.bin.
> So most of our customers add the flexspi configurations to flash.bin
> head. They don't use so called one image for both SD and flexspi.

There are no upstream users of flexspi right now, see above.

> As the spl_romapi_get_uboot_base is defined to weak. It is better to
> overwrite this function for your particular usage.

I would much rather prefer to have one flash.bin which works on both SD 
card and FlexSPI, on all iMX8M, that is far less confusing. And since 
there are no upstream users of flexspi boot so far, this is how it can 
still be implemented, consistently.

If downstream wants to have multiple flash.bin, one for each boot media, 
that's up to downstream.


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